7 Tips about PMS for Teenage Girls

Every year, millions of women struggle monthly with PMS through symptoms like cramps, mood swings, and headaches. From clothes that are suddenly too tight to waves of nausea that assault at the worse possible time, women internalize the ravages of PMS and learn to cope with the early warning signs that PMS is approaching.

Most women cringe at the memory at how they learned that PMS would be a “friendly visitor” every month. As a taboo subject never talked about anywhere except the one hour lecture in health class, many women probably never realized the warning signs in their mothers, aunts, sisters, or friends until later in life.

With this in mind and hoping to help the women of tomorrow, PMS Central presents these 7 Tips for Teenage Girls about PMS:

1.Talk: You do not have to suffer alone. Millions of women (including teachers, counselors, doctors, and family) endure PMS every month. Just because they do not talk to you about it, does not mean that you can not approach them. In most cases, they are respecting your privacy. If you start the conversation, most women are a wealth of “inside” information on what works and what does not work to help PMS.

2.Drink: Clear is the key! Drinking clear fluids like water during PMS helps to flush your system of toxins and will aid some of the side effects like acne. By staying away from the sodas (yes...even diet soda!) during this time, you help your body rebound from PMS.

3.Eat: Be careful what you eat. PMS cravings for sugar (chocolate) and salt are very common during this time of the month. However, sugar adds weight and salty foods can cause water retention. Find some healthy snacks at the health food store, some veggies, or stock up on ginger cookies (great for cramps!).

4.Exercise: Everything hurts during PMS, but a little light exercise (walking with your dog for example) will help with the tightening feelings from the cramps. Plus, the air and interaction will help you with mental symptoms such as mood swings, depression, and anxiety.

5.Pain: When you first start to feel moody or cramp, don’t wait. Take a pain reliever now. If you wait until you are in the middle of the PMS war zone, then you will have to take several doses to stop the effects.

6.Planning: Planning is two fold. Learn to keep a discrete supply of feminine hygiene products and pain relievers around you. Secondly, make a habit of checking to see after each period if you need supplies for next month. This will give you plenty of time to purchase the products you need.

7.Information: Get involved in communities and read materials about PMS. Most women stop trying to learn about new methods of dealing PMS because they believe it just has to be a drama every month. It does not...and control of the effects of PMS is in your hands.

Extra Secret Tip: It’s okay to feel crummy! Your body is changing in ways that will not seem normal or fair. You don’t have to pretend that you don’t need help when you do. Get into the habit now of asking for help and taking steps to build a support network.

For more tips and information on how you can stop suffering from PMS and start living your life, check out the articles, free email reminders, and chat forums available through PMS Central! And then...tell a woman you care about!