PMS = Sex? Yes or No!

Sex during PMSSex during PMS (premenstrual syndrome): should or shouldn't you?

This all depends on whether you actually feel like engaging in sex during PMS. For many women, sex during PMS is the last thing on their mind. Sorry guys, but a classic and very common symptom of PMS is diminished sex drive. This is triggered within the brain in response to cyclical changes in levels of sex hormone production during the latter (luteal) phase of the menstrual cycle.

In addition to sex hormone fluctuations lessening 'the urge' during PMS, is has to be said that few women hardly feel sexy during this time of the month! Bloated, tired, with zits and bad hair, a few extra pounds over weight, with sore joints and the mother of all headaches (for real!); its hardly surprising that the girls are not exactly feeling particularly amorous during PMS. Sex may also be uncomfortable for women during this time of the month thanks to the ever-so-common PMS-triggered sore and tender breasts and swollen abdomen.

Although many women will hardly feel up to it, sex may actually be a form of therapy for PMS (don't tell the guys about this just yet though!). Sex triggers the production and release of serotonin, endorphins and a whole host of other natural 'feel good' chemicals in the brain. Sex also promotes estrogen production in women. Levels of these neurotransmitters and hormones decline during PMS leading, it is believed, to a whole host of classic PMS symptoms, particularly emotional and psychological changes. Sex can certainly be a fun way of restoring them and can be a great form of exercise too! If you're up to it, then go for it and give sexual healing a try for your PMS! This is one form of treatment that the man (or men) in your life will most definitely be keen to help with.

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