PMS: The Owner's Manual

The PMS Owner’s Manual that Helps You Gain Control with Humor and Expert Advice!


Half of all women experience PMS at some point in their lives. By any standard, that’s an epidemic.

The Princess and the PMS is here to help. We’ll make sense of the pop-psychology and science, we’ll bring humor to every symptom and we’ll show you the way out of PMS hell with the wit and wisdom of our authors who’ll give you the tools you need to send PMS packing...for good.

Starting with our “Who Are You” quiz, you’ll learn to identify your symptoms and the targeted treatments that will make them history. By the end of the book, you’ll be armed with the ammo you need to tackle emotional meltdowns, physical pain, bloating, bingeing and your response to men with combovers and pinkie rings.

The Princess and the PMS answers every question women have about their cycles and offers solutions to the symptoms that have cramped women’s style for eons.

In The Princess and the PMS, instead of getting knocked out month after month, you'll discover how to fight back when PMS coldcocks your world. We'll help you to:

  • Identify and track your symptoms so you have a better description than "I want to die" for what ails you.
  • Learn different ways to treat symptoms that include getting your calcium from foods other than ice cream
  • Use supplements and herbs for everything from migraines to a hard-core Ding Dong® addiction.
  • Handle husbands, kids, home, coworkers, bosses, pizza men and everyone else who ticks you off.
  • Heal like a princess by treating yourself with kindness and care.
  • Make it work at work in spite of your PMS.

There are even special bonus chapters with advice from relationship experts who have a unique way of handing PMS its walking papers.

Our approach to managing and ultimately breaking free from PMS is for real women like you who have relationships, jobs, kids, late-night food enders, bathtubs with rings and a genuine desire to put PMS behind them.

So, kick off your shoes, put up your swollen tootsies, and prepare to deal with your not-so-inner Premenstrual Princess. Hope and help are on the way! Read on to see how you can evict her highness from your castle – while keeping the king and the tiara – and reign supreme over your PMS-free forever after.

– The Princess & the PMS author Elizabeth Goodman

Get the skinny on:

  • Why we eat everything that doesn’t run from us during PMS.
  • The different types of PMS that can make your life hell, and what to do about them.
  • The latest scientific research.
  • Diets that actually work (and are workable!)
  • How to create a PMS Day Planner.
  • Communicating effectively when you feel like strangling someone.
  • Work, kids, carpools, men…help! Prioritizing your life and letting go of Ms. Perfect!

In addition to sound medical advice, The Princess & the PMS is full of hilarious anecdotes, laugh-out-loud cartoons, and funny sidebars like:

Irritable Male Syndrome

British researchers may have come up with an explanation for why men get grumpy and temperamental. The newly minted Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS) could explain aggression, male moodiness and depression after football season. Apparently, men of any age who suffer stress can experience sudden dips in testosterone, making them bad-tempered, nervous or weepy. One suggestion is that testosterone replacement therapy may restore men to their "normal" state.

Other male "syndromes" that we'd like to propose to the American Medical Association:

  • Hands in Pants Syndrome
  • Habitual Gas Disorder
  • After-Sex Narcolepsy
  • Socks & Sandals Blindness
  • Inability to Write Legibly Affliction


  • Positive self-talk
  • How stress affects PMS (and how to minimize it!)
  • Which herbal remedies really work and for what symptoms
  • The facts about PMS and Perimenopause
  • How exercise fights pain
  • About PMDD, PMM and every other acronym that makes our lives miserable
  • How to make relationships healthier with and without PMS

In The Princess and the PMS, discover:

How to know when it’s PMS and when it isn’t in “Ms. Jekyll and You Better Hide!” and how to manage everything from anxiety to zits in “PMS SOS: Treating the Symptoms.”

How to cope with PMS at work in “On the Job with PMS (Don’t Get Worked Up!)” and how to prevent PMS from turning your relationships into suicide missions for the men in your life in “Love Me Tender…and Bloated.”

Why the foods you eat can wreak havoc on your hormones and get the advice you need to conquer everything from cramps to cravings in “It’s a Balancing Act: PMS & Supplements.”

The healing benefits of everything from baths to friendships in “PMS: A License to Chill” (not to mention a special section on the undisputed therapeutic benefits of orgasm!)

How to track your symptoms with the “Monthly ‘Monstrual’ Chart” and how to treat them with the easy-to-use Remedy Chart to fight.

How to get well, with your significant other, in bonus chapters from relationship coaches who know how to get along with PMS, but teach you how to live happily ever after without it!

Whether you’re 20, 30 or 40, haven’t you had enough? Stop making excuses and start living the life you deserve. It’s time to close the chapter on life with premenstrual syndrome.

Eliminate the Excuses

Every woman’s hormonal makeup is unique and we all experience our PMS differently. Still, not one of us has said “Gee, this is terrific. Bring on the cramps!” Isn’t it time to give PMS the boot?

Perhaps you believe that it’s a curse you have to live with or there’s nothing you can do about PMS. We promise you that’s just not true.

The Princess & the PMS offers tried and true medically sound solutions to your PMS problems. We’ll tell you what you can do at home to make your PMS history and how doctors can help. We’ll show you how you can cope with the emotional symptoms and teach you simple exercises from breathing to acupressure to chase the blues (and the stress!) away.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your copy of The Princess & the PMS today and kiss your monthly misery goodbye!

The bottom line? There’s no other book like this: More than 170 pages of advice for real women, with real issues and a sense of humor.

Bonus! There are two books in one!

On the flip side, there’s an entire PMS Survivor’s Manual for men, The Prince and the PMS. In it, they’ll find everything they need to know about your PMS so they can be your hormone hero.

They’ll learn the top questions they should never ask, how to interpret WomanSpeak, the basics of our symptoms and how they impact us, and how to treat us the way we deserve to be treated, PMS or not!

Get great advice, hear from other women with PMS and laugh out loud at our often unpredictable predicament with The Princess & the PMS. And, if you aren’t quite ready to find humor in the monthly mayhem, at least have a chuckle at men’s expense in “If Men Had PMS”:

From all of us at The Princess & the PMS, we wish you health, humor and healing on your journey to kick PMS ass for good!

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