PMS Making You Sick with Nausea?

PMS and NauseaNausea impacts many women during PMS (premenstrual syndrome). This is hardly surprising; the body is subjected to many triggers for nausea attacks during PMS, so many in fact, that it's a wonder not all women develop PMS nausea! First is the body's swing in the production of sex hormones during PMS (surprised??!?). Both progesterone and estrogen are linked with nausea. On top of this, cramps, bloating, headaches and dizzy spells can leave even those of us with the strongest of stomachs a little green around the gills. On the bright side, nausea during PMS tends to wear off very quickly. Few women experience PMS nausea for more than a day or so, generally at the height (or should thatbe low?) of each month's bout of PMS symptoms.

So how best to treat nausea during PMS? Ginger is a tried and tested, age-old remedy for nausea. Try it in supplement form, in cooking, or address those PMS sugar cravings at the same time and nibble on ginger cookies when nausea strikes. Calcium also has a very soothing effect on the stomach and intestinal tractreducing nausea and cramping. Drink plenty of milk and eat yogurts and other dairy foods to maximize calcium levels before and during PMS. Alternatively, take calcium in supplemental form (about 1000 micrograms a day). If these home remedies don't quell nausea waves during PMS and you still find yourself running for the bathroom every few minutes and unable to look even french fries in the eye for a couple of days each month, consult your doctor and discuss prescription anti-sickness medication (anti-emetics) as a stronger alternative. Whichever remedy you find that works for you, stick to it and ensure that not even a single day of your life is blighted by unpleasant and inconvenient feelings of nausea every month during PMS.