Men with PMS?

Men with PMSMale PMS? The male of our species is lucky enough not to suffer from PMS (and let's face it, could he cope if he did?), but males often have to deal with PMS when it strikes the women in their life every month. The male experience of PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is largely being in the line of fire and hit full on with any one or more of the wealth of PMS symptoms that their wife, partner, boss, mother or secretary may suffer every month!

Males may not understand the physical symptoms of PMS, (except for having to fill the hot water bottle and running out to the drug store for more pain pills) but are generally very aware of the emotional symptoms of PMS. The woman in their life can turn into a very different person for a few days each month. They may become snappy, burst into tears, go through any number of mood swings etc. Truth be known, many women aren't very good company (and they'll admit it!) during PMS. On the whole, males won't have a clue why and may take odd behavior directed towards them personally!

Male understanding of PMS is pretty poor. PMS is in the woman's realm, a burden which battle through every month. Some women do perhaps think male PMS exists, especially in the middle aged man! Perhaps it's time for some male PMS education and a little more openness though? Tell him how it impacts your life every month, give him access to calendars and planners so that he has warning of when PMS is likely to strike. This way, the male in your life is much more likely to provide you with support, understanding, sympathy and candy when needed during PMS. Life will be much easier sharing this nasty time of the month rather than trying to cope all on your own.