World Spinning from Dizziness during PMS?

Dizziness PMS

Dizziness during PMS, headache a lack of coordination and outright absentmindedness are common PMS symptoms. So why the dizziness and why do women often become a space cadet during PMS? Firstly, normal cyclical changes in neurotransmitter and calcium levels in the brain during PMS can lead to dizziness, distraction, forgetfulness and other symptoms. The tiredness and headaches common during PMS can also cause dizziness.

There is some evidence that dizziness and other PMS symptoms result from hypoglycemia caused by an altered metabolism of sugar by the body during PMS. Low blood sugar leads would certainly lead to dizziness. The sugar cravings common in PMS are most likely body's response to these sugar dips. Dizziness during PMS may also be a side effect of some anti-depressant medications prescribed to treat psychological and emotion PMS symptoms. It's important to read the patient information that comes with
any medication to check which side effects, dizziness included, may arise and to discuss this with your doctor before and once you are taking the drug.

There isn't really much you can do to prevent PMS dizziness. Maintain steady, optimal blood sugar levels before and during PMS with a diet rich in complex carbohydrates. Also ensure your body has plenty of vitamin B6, calcium and magnesium either through diet or in supplement form. These micronutrients are thought to help maintain neural function. Dizziness can result even from slight dehydration, so drink plenty of water and clear fluids. Aside from adopting these measures, don't drive or operate ANY heavy machinery during bouts of PMS dizziness, take it easy and relax as best you can until it passes and you're back to your old, safe, steady, rational self again!