There are practical and non-practical ways to handle PMS. Let’s face it. Every month I seem surprised that I have PMS. Until the mood swings, fatigue, or bloating hit, I don’t realize that comment from the jerk at work—normally a very nice guy—was only an attempt at humor. Of course, by that time, he is usually bleeding in the floor and people are standing around looking at me like Lizzy Borden.

What seems so odd to me though is not only my constant surprise every month, but the way in which women around me tend to deal with the PMS issue. I mean, after all, they have seen the same behavior in the mirror right? I think that we are in denial about PMS. If we don’t admit that the PMS symptoms we see in other women are the very same symptoms we see in ourselves, then we don’t have to deal with the idea of PMS every day. After all, who wants to consider PMS every day right?

My answer: we all should consider PMS every day!

Why? Because denying that something that changes the way you think, feel, interact with those you love, and see yourself for 5-7 days out of every month of your life will not help you through it!
Further, when we deny the presence of PMS in our lives, we take away all ability to plan for it and give it power to control the events in our life.

From the bloating to the binge eating to the cramps and mood swings, there are many PMS symptoms that affect our everyday lives as women. Most women can plot their PMS days on a calendar and with free email reminders from PMScentral, you can fight PMS from one month to the next!

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