So much during this time of year, swimming parties, bar-b-ques, and trips to the beach can make PMS more difficult. Not just the usual cramps and headaches, but exposure to the sun and excess food mixing with a few adult beverages can make PMS pricklier than ever. Not to mention, when I feel bloated because PMS has put on those extra tons of water weight gain, being in a bathing suit or shorts is exactly what I want to make my self-confidence fall through the floor.

Let’s take a moment to focus on the good things with some positive thinking:

Wear what makes you feel comfortable and sexy. Think in terms of the good side of PMS. Yes, I feel bloated and like there is an extra person in my jeans, but my breasts are usually nice and round. Use that extra ½ cup size to make you feel better. Wear a pretty shirt that shows off a little of that temporary cleavage!
When my PMS strikes and I get cramps, backaches, and sore shoulders, I pamper myself with a bubble bath before I go out to an event. This helps me feel relaxed and fresher instead like everything is so wrong. I sink down into the warm water and give myself time to breath in the scent of the candles around the tub.
As PMS starts to approach, often times, so do the blues of depression and the unexplained urge to cry. I surround myself with friends that understand the PMS plan needs to be put into effect. This often includes girl’s night out to dinner and a movie. This keeps my man from having to deal with the chick flick and the tears for no reason at all at a particularly sappy part of the movie.
Most times, some planning around PMS will help it be less of an effect every month on you and the ones you love. For most women, we never plan for PMS or what we will do to alleviate PMS symptoms every month. We just accept PMS….but, we don’t have to!

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