If I hear yet one more woman refer to PMS as their “monthly friend,” it is possible that I will run screaming from the room. (the virtual room of course!) Although I know that calling PMS a “monthly friend” is how women of my mothers generation taught us to speak politely of PMS, I dont refer to anything that brings cramps, bloating, headaches, and mood swings every month as a friend! Bring me chocolate chip ice cream or really great shoes…and we are friends!

The point is this…when woman constant think of PMS as friend or even a welcome visitor, then they forget that they can both talk about PMS in an adult manner (three little letters….say them with me….P-M-S) without the world coming to an end and we can help each other through the pains of PMS without shame. We dont acknowledge that we can gain support from the women around us (millions and millions of PMSing women can be quite a force!!!) and, perhaps even more importantly, gain information on what works to fight the ravages of PMS each month.

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